Reiby Place – Curtin

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 Client Testimonial
In our initial brief to Adam our focus was on simplicity in design with an emphasis on open living areas which would be suitable for our young family. Along with that we were looking for spaces that would extend in their use as our children grew older and their needs changed. We wanted a home for now and the future. Reflecting on some of our early discussions and concept drawings it’s clear that Adam grasped our requirements quickly and translated them into something that is mirrored strongly in the home we have today. There’s no doubt that some things changed along the way but by having a solid design concept those changes were made in a way that complemented the overall outcome. Adam was very flexible and available. He came to the table with ideas that supported our initial thinking and adapted those as we went through the design, selection and building process. Adam presented us with options and opened our thinking to alternatives based on his experience. At the same time, Adam was open to input and enthusiastic about different approaches which helped us take ownership of the overall project. Adam’s interest extended from the very first meeting, through tender selection, the build and to the completed product – we always felt he was actively engaged. Adam and his team were always responsive and continued to work with us right to the end. With Adam’s keen eye for design and practical experience, we feel that we’ve ended up with a home which sits comfortably in its surroundings but has a design flair which sets it apart from the ordinary. We’re very happy with the result and would strongly recommend Adam to you. 
 Reuben and Jane
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