Nail It!

Nail it

“What a great book!! Thank you for sharing your experiences, knowledge and the information you have gifted to empower clients who are or thinking of embarking on various building projects. 
I love it!!… is such an eye opener! with tips, advise and suggestions….. I haven’t finished yet but enjoy every moment I get to read it.”

Mrs M.

Nail it!  Take control of your building project & save thousands is targeted at addressing the lack of knowledge and confidence that homeowners often experience when dealing with the building industry.   The drive for homeowners to improve their homes and lifestyle for their families has never been stronger yet most people lack the knowledge and confidence to successfully complete their building or renovation project on budget and without the stress. Building or extending a home is one of the biggest investments that most families will make and it can make or break them.  There is often considerable uncertainty and risk associated with the process and the outcome.  Affordability and budget blowouts are far and away the biggest concerns for homeowners when embarking on a building project. I have been designing homes for the past 20 years. I have been involved with over 500 projects and through all of this, I have helped thousands of clients navigate the process of developing the essential documentation, finding the right builder, paying the right price and then being prepared for, and surviving the actual construction process. There are several common issues that homeowners encounter during the course of a building project.  These include:

  • Not knowing where to start or how to pick the right team
  • Understanding building costs
  • Not having sufficient documentation
  • Not knowing the right questions to ask; and misinterpreting the answers
  • Taking their eye off the ball; not maintaining focus and discipline
  • Maintaining a good relationship with the builder 

There are obvious advantages for homeowners to understand the building process better.  This book offers industry insights and tips to enable homeowners to work on a level playing field with their builder and gives them the knowledge and peace of mind to save thousands of dollars.  Nail it! is the only Australian published book which is focused on the idea of cost control, as opposed to a general overview of the building process.  The idea of cost control isn’t about cheap and nasty building or taking shortcuts; rather it is a discussion about how a thorough knowledge of the industry and its processes can be harnessed to achieve cost effective solutions with much less risk of unforeseen budget blowouts. This book will be at the forefront of a revolutionary shift that aims to put the client and the builder on the same footing.  Through this shared knowledge and understanding there is great potential to improve the reputation of the residential building industry as a whole.  Although the book is written to a homeowner audience, there will also be significant benefits to the building industry as clients become more informed and better prepared. You can purchase the book or download a FREE sample chapter; below…


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