Bailey Place 1 – Yarralumla

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Client Testimonial
Having been accustomed to live on a large block of land and in a large house providing a home to our five children, Adam created for us a remarkable design on a 60% smaller block. By incorporating in the design a large open plan living area that overlooks an enclosed courtyard with a restful water feature, Adam provided us with an informal living area that our family has come to enjoy. He has also managed to include in the design a formal area for entertainment and two guest bedrooms plus a sitting room for visiting family members and friends. The overall style is contemporary with plenty of light, thus providing a very relaxing atmosphere with a minimum level of upkeep.The external house outlook, notwithstanding the small block of land, is not overpowering and provides a pleasant aspect to the neighbouring Yarralumla Bay Park.We found that Adam Hobill provided us with a very professional level of service and ultimately with a very practical house design that we are enjoying more and more, as the weeks go by.
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