Arthur Circle – Forrest

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Client Testimonial
Adam Hobill was highly recommended to us by several sources.  Before engaging Adam we interviewed other architects and designers, and found that Adam was a good fit for us in personality, drive and in that he was both creative and open to our ideas.We knew what we wanted. Originally we started out with a fairly detailed brief of a large home, capable of catering to a big family, which was able to take us through the changing spatial needs of children from baby stages through to adulthood. Our initial thoughts were for a fairly traditional facade on a modern interior in keeping with a very conservative neighbourhood. Adam nailed the floor plan straightaway and presented us with exactly what we asked for. A great floor plan with a white bread exterior. We could see that Adam wasn’t particularly taken with the facade of the house and while it was perfectly ‘nice’ it wasn’t head turning. So we asked him to draw-up what he would like to do and we would either take it up or go with what we already had. When Adam came back to us with his concept it was love at first glance. He had done a bold, strong, modern and well-balanced geometric design and suggested the use of ‘natural’ feature materials. Stone, wood and copper. 

The design sat well on the block and while it is a very big house it does not appear to be from the front street, a feature that we really like as we did not want an imposing structure. Adam managed to hide the double story back wing of the house through clever use of elevation and design. It is surprising when you stand at either the front windows or door of the home as to how high on the block you actually are. It captures the stunning views of the parkland opposite. From the street there is no hint as to how high the building actually is, instead it seems to comfortably nestle into the block. 

Adam collaborated well with ourselves, our interior designer and builder. He was patient, accommodating and flexible. He did not try to impose his ideas on us, instead he made suggestions which we could either take up or not. He took on board the suggestions of the builder in relation to construction techniques. He was diligent with the job and kept at it until it was perfect for our wants and needs. 

Adam gave us a practical home with simple elegance inside wrapped up in a beautiful and unique exterior which is pure Adam in design, with our blessing. 

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