Akame Circuit – O’Malley

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 Client Testimonial
I am pleased to be able to provide details of our recent experience in building our house using Adam Hobill Design. We talked to a number of architects before we chose Adam. He listened to what we wanted and appeared very competent. We were impressed with his first concept drawings, his final plans, and even more with the finished house. We love the house design. It meets all our initial requirements and is stunning, clever in its layout, and original to look at. Drive past – you will be impressed. Prior to and throughout the build process Adam and his staff have always been available to provide expert guidance and professional advice. They have been friendly and helpful as well as approachable, and the advice and help he and his staff have given throughout the building process has always been spot on. I have no doubt that the amount of value Adam’s designs have added to our house far outweigh the costs for his services (which we thought were very reasonable in any case). He not only provided the design, but an interior design service, and what was particularly important, access to answer questions whenever we or our builder needed his opinion. I have no hesitation in saying we are enormously pleased with the results Adam has produced, and that we would use him again. We have already recommended him to friends who are using him to design their own home. I think he was a great find for us, and that he is a professional at the top of his field. You hear stories about how bad some house building experiences can be. Ours has been quite the opposite thanks to Adam. We have always felt we were part of the process, and are terrifically pleased with the results.


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