Adam Hobill Design team get hands dirty on the tools


One of the things we take great pride in at Adam Hobill Design is to design award winning homes that are build-able and cost effective.  To be able to do that it is critical that we understand, in great detail, the effect of every single line and notation on our drawings.  We need to understand how our documentation translates into the real world of building, not just the approval process for which so much of our documentation is created. With that in mind I decided to offer Tim & Lisa the opportunity of spending a week on site with one of our regular builders.  They both jumped at the opportunity; so in late spring we arranged a week each for them to spend with John and his team at Creative Building Services.

Lisa spent her week jumping from site to site helping out on several projects from large commercial jobs to smaller residential projects that originated from our office.  Lisa thoroughly enjoyed the experience and gained valuable insight into how projects and trades are managed, the value of understanding the process of building, how easy it can be for information to be misinterpreted and the value in establishing open lines of communication between the builder, client and designer. Lisa enjoyed building a rapport with the guys on site who were more than willing to offer insights and advice on issues that affect their work program.  There is no doubt that our office gained a little “street cred” in the eyes of those tradies for being willing to visit the coalface and get our hands dirty.

Whilst simply being out in the fresh air was a huge win for Lisa, her highlight was spending a few hours wrangling a compacting machine in preparation for a slab pour in O’Connor.  There is no challenge that she isn’t up for!



Tim wasn’t as comfortable with the early morning starts as Lisa, but he managed to drag himself out of bed each morning to meet the guys on site at 7am.  Tim’s supervisor was more than happy to expose him to a few heavy lifting and tedious jobs and Tim spent his time working across several of our new home projects as well other renovation projects.  He enjoyed getting involved in the execution of each project rather than just the conception and documentation stage, as we do day to day.  As Lisa experienced, Tim found that the tradies were more than willing to share their knowledge and experience and offer alternative solutions to design details that proved to be problematic on site.  Tim got full value from his time on site given that he spent most of it on projects that he had been involved with from the early stages of concept design right through to documentation.  He came back into the office the week after with pages of notes and tips he had gathered along the way; many of the suggestions and tips from Lisa and Tim have already been incorporated into all new projects we commence.

So valuable was the experience that I’ve decided not only should I also participate, but that it is something we will make an effort to do every year.  There is simply no substitute for on-site experience and the credibility we gain from both within the industry and also with clients by doing so is invaluable. 

Thank you Tim & Lisa for your enthusiasm to step outside the box and jump into something different.

Huge thanks also to John and the team at Creative Building Services for giving us the opportunity; we hope that the experience will also benefit you as we continue to work together.  

I have no doubt that our clients will benefit greatly.